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Gilwood Presbyterian Church


Gilwood was organized on November 1, 1889. The organizational service was held at the Deweese Schoolhouse where sixteen members were received from Ramah Presbyterian, fifteen members from Poplar Tent Presbyterian, three from Bethpage and two members were received on examination. Included in those charter members were: John Morrison, John R. Bradford, John Hayes Johnson, Mrs. Bettie Chester, Charles H. Hamilton, John Oehler Mowrer and R.C. Harris. The newly organized congregation met under a brush arbor in good weather and at the Deweese Schoolhouse at other times.


Gilwood got its name from two pastors. Reverend H.G. Gilland, pastor of Poplar Tent and Reverend R.S. Arrowood, pastor of Bethpage preached for the newly organized church on alternate Sundays at the Deweese School House. Gilwood’s first congregational meeting was held November 18, 1889 at which time Reverend R.S. Arrowood was secured as supply pastor.


The church purchased 4.75 acres from Isaiah Deweese on which to build a church. The first church building was a white rectangular frame building with two doors on the front. The men would use one door and the women the other door. It was largely constructed by members of the congregation and dedicated October 23, 1897.

In 1935 the little white church building was remodeled, more classrooms were added and the exterior was brick veneered.

Our present Sunday School wing was completed in February 1963 with the first service in the new sanctuary being held November 2, 1969. Our Fellowship Hall was completed in December 1991. The sanctuary was renovated and dedicated on February 13, 2005.

Descendents of the charter members who are active members of Gilwood are: Frankie Chester, Effie Mae Chester Overcash, Linda Mowrer Olson, Cliff Mowrer, Amanda Mowrer, Wes Mowrer, Mary Ann Bradford Livingston, Beth Livingston Wilburn, Jacob Wilburn, Allie Wilburn, Patsy Bradford Lawing, Susan Lawing Love, Ella Love, Emily Lawing, Jimmy Bradford, Wade “Buddy” Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Jerry Irvin, Joyce Collins Walter, Jeanne Harris Allen, Elaine Morrison Linn, Steve Linn, Bobby Linn, Robbie Linn, McKenzie Linn, Keira Linn, Ed Morrison, Hall Morrison, Lindsey Morrison Gaffney, Blake Gaffney, Alayna Gaffney, Shelley Morrison, Haley Morrison, Paula Morrison, Phillip Morrison, Shelia Morrison, T.J. Morrison, Scottie Morrison, Emily Morrison, Phillip Morrison, II, Nathan Morrison, Alex Morrison, Alice Morrison, Robert Morrison, Turner Morrison, Janice Morrison Barnes, Eddie Hunt, Kirsten Hunt, Becky Morrison Irvin, Gail Morrison Mower, Scottie Shepherd Williams, Donna Williams Furr, Katie Furr, Meredith Furr, Lori Williams Strickland, Lewis Strickland and Anna Strickland.




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