Connecting in confidence, trust and love to serve God and our local area

Welcome to Gilwood Church! Much obliged to you for your advantage in our Christian family. Our love administration is a mix of both customary and contemporary components. As Presbyterians, we honor our ceremonial and melodic practices, and simultaneously celebrate what contemporary music and media offers our love insight.

History of Gilwood Church

The assemblage bought 4.75 sections of land from Isaiah Deweese on which to fabricate a congregation. The principal church building was a white rectangular edge working with two entryways on the front. The men would utilize one entryway and the ladies the other entryway. It was generally built by individuals from the assemblage and committed October 23, 1897.

The name, “Gilwood” is a blend of the last names of the initial two ministers, Rev. H.G. Gilland and Rev. R.S. Arrowood, who served from 1889-1891.  In 1935 the little white church building was rebuilt, more homerooms were added, and the outside was block veneered.

Our current Sunday School wing was finished in February 1963 with the main help in the new safe-haven being held November 2, 1969. Our Fellowship Hall was finished in December 1991. The asylum was redesigned and committed on February 13, 2005.

Mission and Values

Connecting in confidence, trust and love to serve God and our local area

“In appreciation to God, engaged by the Spirit, we endeavor to serve Christ in our everyday errands and to carry on with sacred and upbeat lives, even as we watch for God’s new paradise and new earth imploring, ‘Come, Lord Jesus.'” – From A Brief Statement of Faith

Jesus Christ Is the Head of the Church – We accept that God has put everything under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and has made Christ top of the Church, which is his body on the planet. Christ, who is available with us in both Spirit and Word, calls the Church into being and gives us all that we really want for our main goal on the planet. Christ alone principles, calls, educates, and involves the Church as he wills. All that we do, say, and accept as the Church is an upbeat support in Christ’s continuous life and work.

Give Love to Everyone

The second most noteworthy rule is to cherish our neighbor as we love ourselves.

The Bible cautions us that assuming our neighbor is out of luck and we favor them without taking any kind of action about their requirements, then, at that point, we have not cherished them. (James 2:15-16)

Our congregation isn’t a substance unto itself however is a local area of Christians who love God and our neighbors. We accept that really focusing on others is the thing being a Christian is about, and we are continuously looking for amazing open doors for our individuals to help their family locally, and all over the planet.

Our Commitment to the Community

Community for everyone – Gilwood upholds Habitat monetarily, and regularly take part in building projects.

CCM food assortment – Each month in the pamphlet different dry products or other family things are highlighted. We leave our gifts in the shopping basket in the Commons Area. There is one more truck in our cooperation lobby. Food is taken month to month to CCM (Cabarrus Cooperative Ministry).

Blood Drives – In participation with the Red Cross, Gilwood supports somewhere around three blood drives each year. Individuals volunteer for set-up and extra assistance.

CVAN – We support CVAN monetarily as well as in alternate ways whenever open doors emerge. In 2003 we scratched and painted a whole house for them, with around 30 individuals taking an interest, in Project GASP (Gilwood Association for Scraping and Painting).

Souper Bowl of Caring – We take an interest yearly in the “Souper Bowl of Caring”. On Super Bowl Sunday our childhood gathers cash and canned products for nearby food services.

Local High Schools – Gilwood gives monetary assets toward the Northwest Cabarrus High School Bible Association and the Cox Mill High School Bible Association, which permits Bible classes to be educated in these nearby secondary schools.

Hospice – We likewise give monetary assets to Hospice and have taken an interest in a few activities to help their help programs. One critical undertaking was the assortment of teddy bears in Vacation Bible School in 2009 to be utilized in distress guiding with kids.

Women’s Group

Every one of the women of Gilwood church are viewed as individuals from the Presbyterian Women.

Our motivation is as per the following: Forgiven and liberated by God in Jesus Christ and engaged by the Holy Spirit, we concede to sustain our confidence through supplication and Bible Study, to help the mission of the congregation around the world, to work for equity and harmony, and to construct a comprehensive, caring local area of ladies that fortifies the Presbyterian Church (USA) and observers to the guarantee of God’s Kingdom.

We have 4 gatherings each year, in February, May, August, and November. Ordinarily at our February meeting we have a visitor speaker who educates us regarding chances to help those out of luck. Our three circles meet month to month, each is presently doing an alternate report. We additionally support a little gathering Bible review that meets week by week. We have as of late coordinated a supplication group to help our congregation’s evangelistic endeavors.

Become a Fundraiser

Pledge drives incorporate semiannual prepare deals and a periodic exceptional venture, like a supper or bingo night. Monies brought up in the past have gone to improve and embellish our congregation office and on the side of numerous magnanimous associations, like Breast Cancer, Meals on Wheels, Elder Orphan Care, Hospice House, and so forth We take part in the sweeping contribution for Church World Service. We provide for Presbytery assigned contributions including the least coin, thank offering, and birthday offering.

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