Spreading faith, hope, and love to serve God and the community.

Welcome to Gilwood Church! We are grateful of your interested in our Christian family. We welcome everyone who wants to join us and celebrate the life of Jesus. As a Presbyterian church, we honor our liturgical and musical traditions, and at the same time we also celebrate using the contemporary language.

As we continue to develop our church into a better home for everyone, we can now accommodate more than 500+ members and guests. With concrete driveways, parking lots, and bigger interior spaces, we are proud to have a bigger, wider home for everyone. We are also grateful for everyone who has helped us made this possible.

Our Mission

Forgiven and liberated by God in Jesus Christ and engaged by the Holy Spirit, we concede to sustain our confidence through supplication and Bible Study, to help the mission of the congregation around the world, to work for equity and harmony, and to construct a comprehensive, caring local area of ladies that reinforces the Presbyterian Church (USA) and observers to the guarantee of God’s Kingdom.

We have 4 gatherings each year, in February, May, August, and November. Typically, at our February meeting we have a visitor speaker who educates us regarding chances to help those out of luck. Our three circles meet month to month, each is presently doing an alternate report. We additionally support a little gathering Bible review that meets week after week. We have as of late coordinated a request group to help our congregation’s evangelistic endeavors.

PW Service Work

Pledge drives incorporate half-yearly prepare deals and an intermittent exceptional venture, like a supper or bingo night. Monies brought up in the past have gone to improve and embellish our congregation office and on the side of numerous altruistic associations. This include, among others, Breast Cancer, Meals on Wheels, Elder Orphan Care, Hospice House, and many more. We take an interest in the sweeping contribution for Church World Service. We provide for Presbytery assigned contributions including the tithes, thanksgiving, and birthday offering.

Regularly, we give commitment books to the assemblage, a Bibles for babies, suppers for deprived families, cards and gifts to hermits and undergrads. A dedication is composed for every lady who dies, read at one of our gatherings and given to relatives who join in. Privileged Life Membership in Presbyterian Women is introduced to a made lady commitments to our Gilwood PW.

Sunday School for Kids up to 4 Years Old

We start with an essential Bible story with however much life application as could reasonably be expected for the age. We circle back to tunes, sonnets, and supplication. We present a portion of the inquiries from the drill. We then complete an involved action, for example shading, painting.

Sunday School for Pioneers

We start in the safe-haven for singing, instruction and memory stanza practice, and the week’s story. We recount every one of the significant accounts of the Bible in sequential request and interface the significant topic of God’s arrangement for salvation as far as possible from the Garden of Eden to the Resurrection. After the story, kids continue on toward a studio, where they have a movement connected with the week’s story. We have games, craftsmanship, cooking, science, and numerous different sorts of exercises, utilizing thoughts from the studio turn model. We have yearly Bible Bowl challenges in which understudies gladly show the information they have acquired.

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